Nutreelife Vegan Protein Snack Bars

The new high-quality plant-based sports nutrition products Based in  Lancashire with its gluten-free Vegan range of Snack Bars, Bites.

We’re original: we’re an innovative vegan health nutrition brand created through experience, passion and dedication. We only use natural ingredients. We’re gluten, soy and dairy free. We’re vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Our products taste better because they are better.
Just try some and see.

Nutree Life are a family run business based in Lancashire, Their mission is to produce high-quality plant-based sports vegan nutrition products.

All protein products are produced in-house which means we know exactly what goes into them. They are always free from gluten, lactose and soya that makes them stand out from the other protein companies on the market.

nutreelife vegan protein
vegan protein snacks

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